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Photography by sonia levesque



true story...

Life & love is one big adventure!

And it's a real delight to be able to witness all of that love, joy and laughter in the world.



Hello! Hola! Hey! Howdy!

...I'm Sonia Levesque!


moments matter...

Photography is my passion

My vision is to create something personal & unique for you, letting things happen by themselves & capturing the moments in-between the moments of life. I love getting to know you and your relationship through my lens and my vision.

But, above all, each image should transport you to that moment 5, 15 or 30 years later on down the road.

Wild Love-9574.jpg

Your wedding day is part of your

Visual Legacy

For your kids, grandkids and for your future selves - it becomes an invaluable visual inheritance.

How do you want it to look? How will you show them all those things that make you and your partner everything you are together? How do you make sure they inherit a valuable visual treasure?

Tell me what dreams you have for your wedding day, and we can talk about how to build them inside a frame [ ◦ ]

You put a lot of




To be able to deal with all that as the next stage of your AWESOME ADVENTURE develops, you need someone who feels like a friend sometimes, a professional sometimes, a piece of the background sometimes.


You need YOUR photographer

You need a personal photographer




my ultimate aim is to

Preserve the beautiful moments

definition of 'beautiful moments' includes but is not limited to: every tear, every embrace, the first dance and are every time you give that look. All real moments are beautiful moments to me.

All that i have left from my childhood are my memories and a box of photographs.

That box is the only link I have to my early memories, words can't really express how much those photographs mean to me. That box helped me realize I wanted to live out of a camera for the rest of my life. I wanted to make my camera a passport to other people’s lives and I wanted to capture all those fleeting moments that would otherwise be lost to time. 

The peeps I photograph are kind, creative, think outside the box, love good style elements, are inspired by life, love some traditions but not just for tradition's sake, want to throw a wedding that feels like THEM, love adventuring, exploring and discovering the world, treat others with love and respect, and know that their wedding day is about expressing themselves together. I'm the lucky one who gets to capture that fun, that attitude, that energy... I get to preserve all those beautiful and precious moments with a camera.


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Love is passion, obsession, someone you can’t live without. If you don’t start with that, what are you going to end up with?